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Age of Extinction Reactions

I finally finished Age of Extinction/Transformers 4. Thoughts inside the cut.

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I haven’t been able to catch up on the news because of my limited computer time :|

Only what’s been shown on CNN and I know CNN isn’t a good news source.

General Grievous from Star Wars and Starscream from the Transformers movies are both vaguely avian mechanical aliens with lots of kids and those odd split pelvic plates who I want to see getting nailed by their commanders.

I’m in South Lake Tahoe right now. We haven’t spent any time at the lake front and it looks like I’m going home today…

There was a Chinese restaurant that got some awards for best in the city, but it wasn’t as good as the restaurants in Seattle. They had a good dinner special though.

The city is very party town. Drunk people and gambling.

My sister saw a really fat squirrel in Yosemite. She nicknamed it Chubby Buddy and now its her phone lock screen.

I was at Yosemite for 2 days. There was no internet at all in the town I stayed in.

Realized how unbearable my parents are when I’m in close proximity to them at all times :|


Palestinians — young and old — celebrate an indefinite ceasefire in Gaza. 26 August 2014.

This is my demon.

I am unsure who she was in life, although I suspect she was an artistic type, a repository of knowledge, perhaps a member of some cosmic clergy. I am unable to pronounce her name, although “Methaniel” comes to mind. She seldom speaks, having no mouth or discernible facial features. Her head is a lantern, a cage with a single glowing “eye” inside. The light from this eye can change color, and the demon communicates by creating light patterns along the wall.  Her body is made of some metallic substance that shifts to and fro. Her “heart” is exposed through a hole in her chest and has the same properties as her “eye”.

She sometimes carries a net made of some silver material. Odd things get caught in them. In her presence, objects tend to gain hole or net patterns. I use these objects as artistic inspiration.

I originally contracted with her to gain knowledge of the universe beyond human understanding. In exchange, I feel the urge to draw pictures with holes. Many many holes.

She is summoned by lighting up a incense inside a censer in the shape of a lantern plant and emerges from the smoke, or through creating a series of small holes in the wall which become a portal.

  • My dad has been turning the hotel TV on to CNN (and sometimes Fox News) so I have to put up with their subpar coverage of Gaza, Ferguson, etc
  • Basmati rice is good!
  • Coconut + Lemon grass soup is good!
  • Nothing in fandom makes me more agitated than realizing that a likeable male character in a popular sci-fi series would be more amazing if he were female or nonbinary because there are people who don’t like changing the canon genders of characters :|
  • Especially if he’s a robot and/or an alien because I hate it when female aliens have to be ~sexy~ and the cool space aliens just have to be male

There’s two photos of my parents, from that time last year they went on vacation without their kids.

They are posing like they’re in love and in a healthy relationship and all I can think is “this fanart is out of character”.

I envy people with good relationships with their parents.

I envy people whose parents openly love each other.

My parents have been married for over 30 years and I have been raised in their love. My mother told me my father used to send her a handwritten love letter every day when they were young in Somalia and sometimes twice a day when he missed her something bad. Love is having babies and fleeing a country in war together. It is being scared and being brave anyway. It is missing each other and always being friends. My parent’s love taught me that you need more than beautiful words for love to survive. Love is hard work, it is a commitment every day, it is doing what is necessary to make sure the other person is ok. My father somehow took care of a family of 12+ on a taxi cab driver’s salary and studied by a lamp’s light every night. My mother raised 10 children in a country hostile to their very existence with nothing but pure wit and strength. So I learned early on that love must manifest in actions. My favorite memory of them is how my mother would wait to eat until my father came home every day and them sitting together just laughing, talking, and loving. One time, my father took my mother’s hand and looked at us sitting around the table and told us, ‘you know, I love this woman. She is my best friend.’ And the way my mother still looks at my father, I know he’s not the only one who feels that way.