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Spectacolor electronic sign
20 x 40 ft.
Truisms, 1977–79
Times Square, New York
© Jenny Holzer, member Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY 


A list with the names of the martyrs who died during the past sixteen days in the war on Gaza on the Rock of Raouché in Beirut, Lebanon.

And run straight into Starscream! “What a treat! You and me… Alone!”
What an odd thing to say. It seems like he’s been looking forward to getting his hands on Sam, but, thinking about it, why?
What did Sam do to Starscream specifically? His entire contribution to the conflict is killing Megatron once and setting up his
second defeat afterwards. If we go by the usual “canon” character for Screamer, we know that, if anything, he should
be thankful for Sam getting rid of Megatron! After all, thanks to Sam, he got to be Decepticon Leader for two whole years! G1 
Starscream would short himself over that idea!
In fact, if we assume that is Starscream’s leading motivation, the trilogy could not have gone better for him (well, safe for that
one time he lost his arm and Megatron beat him up a bunch). Look at the current situation: Megatron is alive, yes, but he’s a
complete wreck who does no actual leading in this film, and Soundwave never gave a shit to begin with, making the only
obstacle between Starscream and de facto leadership Sentinel – who is risking his own hide in the middle of a warzone. Why,
then, would Starscream go after Sam, who made all this possible in the first place, instead of sitting over Sentinel’s shoulder
like a hawk and waiting for a good opportunity for an “accident” to occur? He would have no reason to do this. It doesn’t add
up. In fact, none of Starscream’s actions work with this characterization.
Let’s think even further back, before the movies. Cybertron spent a whole bunch of time without Megatron to rule over it. In Revenge, Starscream explicitly states that without Megatron, he ends up being the highest ranked guy around. Shit, forget
what I just said about two years, Screamer could have run around in a silly crown and garish purple cape on Cybertron for a
hundred! Yet when five or so scrappy Deceptigoons make off to earth with the explicit goal of freeing Megatron, he’s among
them. He doesn’t try to stop them, or sabotage the operation, or show any sign of personal initiative. The instant Megs leaves
his icy prison, Starscream swoops in to stand by his side, apologizing for being an idiot. Megatron’s reply is standard villain
stuff, but as with all of his lines, it’s the tone that’s important. In spite of being a glowing ball of rage, he shows no aggression
or anything towards his lackey – he just seems vaguely disappointed, like “man, you haven’t changed at all over the years,
have you?” Then he rips some other guy in half.
Contrast with the second film. Again, Megatron barely has time to step in the door, and already Starscream comes running in
to toady before his master. This scene is pretty surreal for practically being the setup for a bad sitcom – Screamer looks after
the kids while Megatron is gone, and when he returns, he quite literally says “Starscream, I’m home!” It portrays the two as
an actual (if kinda dysfunctional and bizarre) family, with Starscream as the wife. Who is them immediately physically abused.
I’ll admit, I did not expect to write that sentence in a context other than bad fanfiction.
Starscream seems genuinely shocked at his Master’s violent outburst, which is no mean feat considering how bad he is at
expressing any kind of emotion. He has no such reaction to the second time Megatron abuses him – he goes from blind panic
to feebly attempting to reason with his Master. And, most importantly, at the end of the movie, it is he who suggests that
Megatron should flee for the time being. He doesn’t egg him on to run back into Optimus’ claws, nor does he abandon his
master. He shows genuine concern for his survival.
It’s important to note that the two scenes of abuse are the only times in the trilogy Megatron and Starscream stand opposite
each other and face each other directly. At all other times, throughout all three movies, Starscream will always
be beside Megatron, his body facing the same way, and them tilting their heads to look at each other. They face the same
direction. Cinematic language!
For a perfect three out of three, it takes barely a minute after Megatron is first seen on screen for Starscream to fly in and pity
him this time around too. And at this point, I find it hard to see his words of pity as sarcastic.
It’s strange to think of Transformers as having any sort of non-murderous relationship, because we barely see them
having any benign interactions at all. The movies tell us that the Autobots have some kind of vague camaraderie going, but
they only ever talk to each otheronce. otherwise, it’s always Sam they’re talking to. There seems to be exactly one attempt at
communication per movie that does not immediately lead into or involve some kind of violence – the observatory scene in the
first movie, Megatron and the Fallen in the second, the Africa scene in the third. But throughout the entire trilogy, no matter
what happens, Starscream never leaves his master’s side, always trying his best (worst) to be helpful. I think that speaks for
And in that light, his hunt for this meaningless little insect makes perfect sense. Of course he would want to take revenge on
the man who killed the one that was effectively family to him, drove him raving mad, and was instrumental in permanently
physically and mentally scarring him. Starscream is completely useless, but his heart is in the right place.



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Par cours, ma cherie.


I am now mildly interested in making a blog for roleplaying Bayformers Optimus based on your post that points out how deranged he can be. I’m not sure what this says about me.


If you have a Something Awful account, read this thread and let your mind explode when you realise what a MONSTER he truly is : http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3507949&userid=165120

ramblingpandas said: Right now the paywall isn’t up over CD so you currently don’t require an account to read the thread.


The Original Poster is a newbie to Transformers media who decides to do a critical analysis of the Transformers Bay Movies.  Along the way, she gets slowly inducted into the fandom, including toys, but never loses that air of freshness toward the entire enterprise.  Using her outsider’s perspective she discovers the following things :

  1. Optimus is a liar. 
  2. Optimus is a monster.
  3. Goddamn are these films dark.
  4. The films are actually subversively feminist (!) and use their disgusting portrayals of woman and minorities to shine an accusatory light on the audience.
  5. Along that same subversive feminist theme, women are compared to dogs, and Decepticons are compared to dogs.  Bridging the two groups highlights Women and the Decepticons as the sympathetic, oppressed parties, kept in slavery by the Patriarchy (Autobots) who want to enslave and destroy their bodies, hope, and future.
  6. Then in Movie three, Megatron becomes a symbolic woman flat out and the connection of Women to Decepticons is just blatant.  Not to mention that the Autobots embody many stereotypically male action hero traits and are held up as paragons of manliness, this cementing their link as the embodied males of the movies.  Devastator and the Arcee triplets are the exceptions that prove the rule and are discussed.
  7. Seriously, all I’m saying here is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG.
  8. Megatron’s status as a revolutionary figure and TRAGIC HERO is presented, detailed, and confirmed to such a startling degree that it becomes clear that the series is in fact a classic tragedy documenting Megatron’s fall from grace and his last sacrifices to save his uncaring people by becoming a legend, not a man. 
  9. Also, there are babies, and they are starving and dying onscreen.  Megatron starts to literally feed them his flesh in order to keep the next generation alive.
  10. You will learn about the philosophical concept of “the desert of the real” and see it applied by the films to highlight the decadence and delusion of the Autobots and main humans when compared to the plight of the Decepticons and other oppressed peoples.
  11. The films use the Chernobyl setting in a legitimate context to present Shockwave as a symbol of Atomic power and the cold war, like some Western Godzilla that is never adequately explored.
  12. Optimus is such a liar.  SUCH a liar.
  13. The series actually delves into the ideas of the goodness of human (Cybertronian) nature, comparing the outlooks of the Bots and cons to answer the question of whether we are born evil, and if so, how to react to our own true nature.  Nakedness is a recurring theme in the movies that ties in directly with this question and the theme of truth.
  14. There is already a non-canonical fourth Transformers movie starring tanker-truck Megatron and Astrotrain as bearers of Gnostic truth.  Megatron uses tough love to try to separate man from machine and the machinelike life he lives.  Plus other themes.  You will be surprised how well it fits.
  15. You will also feel a strange mix of craziness and enlightenment by the end of the read.  Your life will never be the same.
  16. Michael Bay is a genius.
  17. Or rather his cinematographers, prop designers, and script writers have worked together to perhaps accidentally create a work of genius.
  18. If you can, go read this thread.  I only wish the OP had allowed it to be PDF’d.

And now the second thread is up, and the review is through. And it is just as profound and beautiful as ever.

pedophilia tw

The only TFP pairings I’m 100% NOPE on are ones with the children like Arcee/Jack or Airachnid/Jack because those robots are a bajillion years old and Jack is like 16.

pedophilia tw

I remember back in my livejournal fandom days I read someone’s journal entry where she said she couldn’t wait for Daniel Radcliffe to turn legal so she (an adult) could safely sexually fantasize about him.

Looking back that was pretty creepy.


the #1 worst thing about tumblr, hands down, is seeing a personal post get tons of notes and then some stranger is in your face talking about how what you wrote about your own life doesn’t apply to them and how dare you imply xyz or whatever

like you can literally say “i personally have experienced this and this is me writing about my personal experiences” and a hundred notes later someone is calling you an asshole for erasing their experiences

  • Baby: m-m-m
  • Mother: what are you trying to say? mommy?


i don’t know if the best part of this post is the excruciating sexism or the metal gear solid in the corner

  1. Chun Yan and Mr. Honda pilot a giant robot together
  2. Fighting alien invaders in general
  3. Chun Yan is an innkeeper, Mr. Honda is perennial constant visitor who leaves her souvenirs
  4. 80’s cartoon villains
  5. Emperor and Empress treachery AU in the style of Curse of the Golden Flower
  6. Star Wars AU where they’re Anakin and Padme and Yong Soo/Joseon is Obi-wan
  7. 80’s university AU - Mr. Honda is studying abroad when he meets her
  8. Businessman having an affair with Chinese mistress u___u
  9. They’re birds. Everyone is a bird.

Imagine that they’re 80’s cartoon villains though. Chun Yan is the evil overlord and Mr. Honda is her second in command.

Chun Yan is like “you left me for dead!” in her most scary voice and Mr. Honda is making a “I gotta dash” face. And then Yong Soo is grinning to himself because he’s on Chun Yan’s good favor.





my aesthetic

alien cyborg insect queen voiced by eartha kitt is still the one and only #look


Eartha also voiced yzma!!

Anonymous asked: Can problematic kinks or fetishes be used in a progressive way?



do you have a land redistribution fetish


Kept doodling silly little cookie bots after that oreo thing hahah oops

OP and Bee are based on these

G1 Transformers are piloting Jaegers that look like Prime Transformers.

Miko is rescued by a Jaeger who looks like Bulkhead.