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I'm just a space hen, trying to learn more about this planet through the internet. She/they if you will.
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Tran’s Woman needs place to stay tonight in Greater Toronto Area URGENT!


HELP! I am a 21 year old transgender woman who desperately need’s a place to rent!  I am homeless right now, I have been couch surfing place to place and my fund’s & spirit’s have begun to run low. I am very plight and respectful, I have a 8 year old female black cat named Star that I will not give up, she is my best friend. I have been assaulted, & even sexual assaulted.. 
I need a place that is safe for me to stay tonight I don’t know what to do. :(

But there’s actual real conservatives on Tumblr like there’s an entire bubble of them…..wild

The Fox Familiar on is a hot mess

Claiming that fanfiction authors are perverts who perpetuate rape culture while saying homosexuality is unnatural and the sacredness of male friendship is being ruined wtf

I just saw a gifset of “gourmet British food” on my dash, an advertisement for something.

It was a sausage with grilled tomatoes, potatoes, and mushrooms.

I’m in the mood to delete my old fanfiction. I think most of it was so bad and pretentious.

70s-postmiserablisms: your old tumblr URL though

I like Starscream from the Transformers movies a lot (sorry if I repeat myself) she’s my icon and I seem to have projected a number of things onto her like

  • a hen that came from all that space nevermind that in the movies she’s a dude let’s say humans were misinterpreting
  • my mom calls me a 老太婆 so Starscream is too
  • her thinks of herself as ugly compared to her crush
  • she is attracted to Megatron and Soundwave who are also space hens
  • she fears intimacy
  • she is learning about humans through the internet
  • she used to write short stories about beings more alien than herself
  • eggs?


there’s always that one girl in chinese period dramas who crossdresses and fights a lot and i want to be that girl

I’m super wary of anything that implies that x group can’t be abusers because they don’t have as high a place in society as another group. Because I saw a post about abuse within LGBTQ+ circles where the abuser was charismatic and well-liked and of course part of a marginalized group.

70s-postmiserablisms: the way that one person described it was the “right to self-determination by the Jewish people” but they were an apologist for the State of Israel. I’m not the best at explaining.

Ask me about the Mother Country

I think I’m attractive from the neck down but my head is so big!


Longan Longan is a tropical fruit mostly found in southeast asia, particularly Thailand, Loas, Burma and Vietnam. It has very sugary taste, so could refresh your body in the hot and humid day. - bninja



50-year anniversary of the 9/15/1963 murder of four African-American girls in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.

Their names are Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robinson, Addie Mae Collins and Denise McNair.

need couch urgent Seattle rape victim


Hey all, I’m Jackie a 33 yr old disabled trans woman in Seattle. I have a set income from disability, so its been difficult to rent in time. 

I was raped by a guy I had been seeing two days ago and had been kicked out of my friend’s place. He can’t handle the emotional turmoil. I spent yesterday in the hospital and found a hostel for a few nights to find out that they’re unwilling to work with me because my driver’s license doesn’t match my gender. I stayed there last night and am desperately trying to find a place. 

I do not want to go back to sex work, so this is really a last ditched effort. I’m quiet, clean, and normally become fast friends with roommates. I can pay a maximum of $550 monthly, but open minded to any arrangement that’s safe and fair.  

Seriously, I have no expectations but I’d be extremely grateful. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.